martedì 1 marzo 2011

Photo shooting

Kittima, Ayla e Ingerline per il primo photoshooting  di JamaisVu Mag si sono ispirate ad Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, queste le loro parole:
“We took inspiration from the movie Alice in Wonderland, as our muse Alice for her  curiosity to discover herself and her way of taking new adventures was perfect for our young glamping traveler.
Our model, Niki has a fresh face very inpowering full of energy, but in the same time her fair hair, dark skin and green eyes remind the tones of nature, gold sun raise and crystal green lakes. We used nude makeup, soft brown tones on her eyes, sun kissed chicks with a slight sheer pink on her lips to bring out the young spirit.
The style is spontaneous, just like her personality combining strong colors as deep red, forest green, and fuchsia to light and neutral colors as beige, browns and white. The period inspiration is 60s for its feminine shapes and vintage accessories.
We used the location in an old building/apartment with beautiful but unorganized furniture to remind the mess in Alices imaginary world.”

Photography and Styling by Kittima,Ingaline,Ayla.

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